Google Slides Themes That Increase Your Business Up To 300%

Google slides themes

Google slides themes that makes your business from zero to hero!

This line sounds good how any theme increase your business up to 300 %

Before starting I want to tell newbies about google slide or presentation

Google slides is used to create presentation with the help of google slides you can create , beautiful presentation very easily for your work i.e for  college projects , describing your business or many others

Google slide presentation is often used by students for college projects and by business persons  to showcase their work , for business persons google slides is like a boon . How ?? Continue reading for answer

Why  to choose google slides ?? 

Below is the main features of google slides presentation that make it number 1

  1. Easy to use
  2. Customisable
  3. Embedded videos
  4. Easy sharing
  5. All this is free
  6. And many more 


So now I am going to tell , how any theme increase your business up to 300% in days

Well there is not any rocket science in these themes , below I listed top premium google slides templates that grow your business  in no time

Why premium themes? 

While Choosing from premium and freemium newbies always confused and choose free themes due to low budget

As a blogger I always recommend premium themes over free mobile

Premium vs free themes 

Premium themes is well designed , well codes and has more features than free themes

Premium themes includes premium support by developers and updated frequently where in free there is not

Tom Ewer From manage wp detailed

why premium themes better than free

How premium themes grow your business?

Do you hear this quote??

First expression is the last expression

This is absolutely right your first expression on your customers/visitors play a important role to grow your business

If you do not described properly who you are? Which services you provided ? Which team works behind you , then there is 90% chances that customer leaves you because of first bad expression on them

What’s the solution ?

Ans: premium themes 

If you are very serious about your work and want to attract customers vision on yourself then I recommend only premium themes

How premium themes attract customers vision? 

  • With premium presentation themes  you can show case your work , shows your customers , show your die hard working team , which services you provided, about yourself , about your company , your partnership with others and many more very easily and beautifully which attract customers vision which may leads to increase your business in days

Features includes in premium themes 

  • Testimonials
  • Portfolios
  •  Your Team
  • About you
  • Your services
  • Vector icons
  • About your  company
  • Gallery
  • Contact us
  • And much more..

Quick recap 

Premium themes really helps you to grow your business easily ,if you are very serious for your work and want to engage peoples vision , then premium themes is best choice

If you are creating presentation for other purpose like for friends , fun, or other small works then you can go for free

Below I listed top premium and free google slides templates  based on its popularity , rating and features

Premium google slides themes

Business google slides themes

Business strategy

Business strategy: business strategy is my favorite google presentation template .This theme is created by bandidos and most sales ever on Themesforest and rated 5 out of 5


Features: business strategy provides 110 uniqe and 7000+ total slides to choose from which is really a high amount as compared to any other theme

The all slides are very unique and modern looking that engage peoples attraction very easily

Business strategy works on 16×4 and 4×3 aspect ratio which makes it more flexible and responsive

Colors : This  theme comes with two bright and dark version to choose from ,you can choose which you like

Further you have to choose template color which is available in

  1. Color color
  2. Business blue
  3. Green style
  4. Blue
  5. Red
  6. Turquoise
  7. And yellow

All the colors are very eye catching that makes your presentation even more beautiful

Creative : business strategy is highly creative presentation theme with the help of business strategy you can show case your work , about yourself , about team , about company and many others in different and different styles

Support : apart from the theme you can get premium support  from the developers and 10 pages PDF images tutorial that helps you how to start if you are beginner

quick recap

Business strategy is perfect google presentation template for all peoples .This themes integrated with amazing unique look which makes it more beautiful

Below are the main features of business strategy

  1. Easy to use
  2. Customisable
  3. Full HD
  4. Retina ready
  5. Awesome colors
  6. 110 unique slides
  7. 7000+ total slides
  8. Modern styles
  9. Very creative and flexible
  10. 1000+ vectors icons
  11. 16×4 and 4×3 aspect ratio
  12. Two versions bright and dark
  13. 7 templates colors
  14. 40 backgrounds
  15. Images tutorial
  16. And many more
More Info


Boost google slides themes

Boost business

Boost business : boost business is created by Jaguar designs and also saled most on Themesforest


Features : boost business is a clean and well documented presentation template that makes your work look like professional

Boost includes 2000+  total slides all the  slides are clean and have professional look

The boost is totally customisable , editable and very easy to use and integrated with 4000+ vectors icons which is very high amount than other slides theme

Boost business also available in keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint version

Colors : boost business comes with two dark and bright version option to choose from

 boost business integrated with 10 different colors option and backgrounds

All the colors are very charming and look very attractive

Creative : boost is ultra highly creative template which makes it more professional

The all styles i.e for showcasing your work , about you , your company , your team are very unique and professional

Support : you can get premium support from the developers after purchasing it check on Themesforest license terms and conditions for more information

quick recap

Boost business is professional , clean code and creative google presentation template suitable for all kinds of works

Some of the main features are

  1. 2000+ slides
  2. 10 colors option
  3. Full HD
  4. 4000+ vectors icons
  5. Editable
  6. 16:9 aspect ratio
  7. Professional look
  8. Easy to use
  9. Customisable
  10. Dark and bright version
  11. And many more
More Info


Marketofy slides themes


Marketofy : marketofy is also in my favorite list

If we call marketofy the king of all google presentation templates then this is not a wrong due to its features

Marketofy has much more features than any others  presentation templates .This theme is created by slides fusion and marketed on graphics river


Features : marketofy beat all themes in terms of numbers of slides , it has total 31000+ slides and 200+ unique slides to choose from

Marketofy includes 2500+ vectors icons ,all the icons are customisable i.e you can change size and color which match’s your brand most according to your choice

Marketofy integrated with animated google slides templates, flow charts infographics , business model infographics , tree diagram infographics , puzzle diagram infographics and many more layouts

You can also use custom animation of each objects, all the graphics are resizeable and editable

This themes works on 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio which makes it more flexible

Colors : marketofy is available in two dark and bright version

Further in marketofy there is 24 different colors themes available to choose from, all the colors are eye catching which makes your presentation more stunning

Creative : marketofy is really a creative google presentation theme that makes your presentation very creative

There all several designs available in marketofy to tell about your self , tour company , your team and your services  in silhouette infographics , puzzle diagrams , tree diagrams , stage diagrams , process diagrams ,data driven , maps , flow charts infographics and business models infographics

Support: you can get premium support from marketofy developers if you purchase the theme

quick recap

Marketofy is highly creative and flexible   template that integrated with 2500+ vectors icons ,31000+ slides , 12 premade colors and total 24 colors schemes to choose from

Here are some main features of marketofy

  1. 31000+ total slides
  2. 200+. unique slides
  3. Editable
  4. Customisable
  5. Creative
  6. Full HD
  7. Retina ready
  8. 2500+ vectors icons
  9. 12 premade colors
  10. 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio
  11. Handcrafted infographics
  12. Dark and bright version
  13. 24 colors themes
  14. And many more

Marketofy is also available in Microsoft PowerPoint version

More Info


Gravity slides themes


Gravity : gravity is multipurpose presentation  theme with clean , flexible , creative , smart and  innovative lookThis theme is created by roj dark and marketed on graphics river


Features : gravity is multipurpose presentation  theme integrated with 4700+ total and 235 unique slides , all the slides are clean, smart , flexible and have awesome look

Gravity works on 4:3 & 16:9 aspect ratio which makes it more flexible

Gravity includes custom animation , 4000+ vectors icons which is fully editable and customizable i.e you can resize and change colors according to your choice

Colors : gravity comes with 10 premade colors and 10 themes colors backgrounds available in blue , green , gray blue , red , gold and moreover

Creative : gravity is the ultra highly creative theme , you can show case your work , describe about your self , your company  in very creative ways i.e portfolios sections , maps sections , flow charts sections , silhouette infographics , smart infographics , stage diagrams ,tree diagrams ,mock ups ,tabels ,maps infographics and many others

Support : by purchasing the gravity you can get premium support by gravity developers

quick recap

Gravity is multipurpose clean and smart presentation themes that truly attract customers vision

Some of the main features are

  1. 4700+ slides
  2. 235+ unique slides
  3. Editable
  4. Customisable
  5. Full HD
  6. Retina ready
  7. 3d sections
  8. Creative
  9. 10 premade colors
  10. 4:3 & 16:9 aspect ratio
  11. 10 premade colors
  12. Custom animation
  13. Handcrafted infographics
  14. Tables
  15. Roboto font
  16. Fully animated
  17. And many more
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Pro slides themes

Pro multipurpose

pro multipurpose: pro is a multipurpose google presentation theme which is suitable for all kinds of works

It is very flexible , simple , and unique look which makes it really a pro , not only in name but also in features and design

This theme is created by as-4it and marketed on graphics river

Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint version is also available of this theme you can get it from graphics river if you want


Features : pro is multipurpose google slide theme with clean, simple , and creative look

Pro has 7800+ total slides and 399+ unique slides to choose from all the slides are very stunning and have awesome look

Pro works on 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio

Pro integrated with 3000+ vectors icons which is editable and customisable , you can change their size and color to any without losing resolution

Pro support custom animation for each objects by which you can use your own animation

Colors : pro comes with 10 different premade colors themes

You can easily change fonts , icons , and shapes in few clicks

You can also use your own custom color in pro which match’s your brand/company colors

Creative : pro is a highly creative slides presentation theme which will takes your presentation to the next level

Pro integrated with many unique layouts you can show your work , about you ,your company , team and many more things in different and different styles i.e networking sections, main sections , infographics sections , tree diagrams , mock ups sections and many many others

Support : you can get premium support by pro developers team  which helps you whenever you need any help

quick recap

Pro is a multipurpose simple , clean ,and creative google  presentation template , which will takes your business to next level

Some of the main features of pro are:-

  1. 7800+ total slides
  2. 390+ unique slides
  3. 2 aspect ratio
  4. Retina ready
  5. Full HD
  6. Custom animation
  7. Creative
  8. 3000+ vectors icons
  9. Fully animated
  10. 10 premade colors
  11. Custom color
  12. Roboto font
  13. Customizable
  14. And many more
more Info


Premium Presentation Templates Conclusion

So this is the top 5 premium  google slides themes list ,  All the themes has  unique features , creative look , awesome design and great performance

Choosing one from all the themes is difficult   because all themes has its own unique features  and designs so it’s depends on you  which  theme you need or you  likes most

By choosing any of the above template I guaranteed that these templates definitely increase your business in days

Free Google Presentation Templates

Are you in budget???

And want professional looking templates for free!!

Then don’t worry below i listed top free presentation templates which helps you in describing about yourself, your team and many more things in professional way

Free Presentation template

General purpose

General Purpose : general purpose is my favorite template in my freebies list

This theme is created by free google slides templates for free

I always surprised when i saw this template, because developers gives it amazing professional look for free

It has all the features who will be in premium presentation templates

Features : General Purpose is rich in features , best ever presentation template

It has 50+ professional slides ,all the slides are very unique and awesome design

Each shape in general purpose is vector so you can easily customize the colors , appearance and aize as you want without losing the resolution

This template is best suited for entrepreneurs and business persons to show case their works , about team , product and many more other services

Quick recap : General Purpose is creative theme and have professional look

If you want to start your first presentation for free them this template is best suited for you

Some of the main features of general purpose are:-

  • 50+ professional slides
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Customizable
  • Editable
  • Vector shapes
  • Compatible with Microsoft power point and apple keynote
  • All this is for free
  • And many other features 

Do you want branded and professional looking website for your business?? then try  this unbeatable  WordPress Theme in features and  as well as performance

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